Myearliest memory is walking down the hospital hallway with my father andbrother, giddy with excitement over having a little sister. I didn't understandwhy everyone looked sad and I couldn’t make sense of all the medical equipment.It took years for me to fully understand that my sister would always bedifferent. Due to an accident before her birth, Tessa was born with severebrain damage resulting in cerebral palsy. Her growth is stunted, she can’twalk, talk or feed herself. But she can love and be loved in return. Tessa wasreleased from the hospital at two weeks with hospice. Our mother has workedwith her all hours of the day to give her the best life. The connectionbetween my mother and my sister is the most beautiful thing to witness. Mymother is Tessa's caregiver, feeding her, changing her diaper and showeringher. These photos are a celebration of their intimate bond. I feel closest toTessa when I'm spending quality time with her and photographing her.